A colorful dog

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Idiom: ein bunter Hund sein

Literal translation: to be a colorful dog

Rüdiger and Elvira are strolling down the main street. It is very Christmassy outside with all the lights in the city and Christmas music coming from the shops. For the first time, Elvira and Rüdiger are walking hand in hand. As they come by the Christmas Market, someone stops them. “Well, hello there!” a lady calls. “Is that you, Rüdi?” He smiles. “What are you doing here, Ann-Kathrin?” he asks cheerful. The two talk for a while and Rüdiger presents the lady as an old school mate. When they start walking again, they only make it 378 metres before they are stopped again.

A colorful dog is a person that everyone knows.

A colorful dog is a person that everyone knows.

This time, it is a couple calling Rüdiger’s name. “So nice to meet you again, Rosemarie, and you too, Karl-Heinz!” The two are former colleagues of Rüdiger. After a little chat, Elvira and Rüdiger go to the metro station. As they go down the stairs, an old man coming up from the metro catches sight of them. “Is that you, Rüdiger?” he shouts happily. “It has been ages!” The old man is one of Rüdiger’s former professors. Elvira shakes her head. They have only walking some steps and met so many people who know Rüdiger. “You really are a colorful dog, you!” she giggles.




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