A running pass for a pig and a happy ending

Hustysk Helens Adventskalender


Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve means a bigger door, usually a door made of two parts. So of course you get two idioms today. Merry Christmas!

Idiom: Jemandem den Laufpass geben

Literal translation: To give somebody the running pass.

Alfonso is waiting in front of the dance studio that he teaches at twice a week. Gudrun has asked him if Günther could join for a tango lesson. Alfonso thinks everyone should learn how to dance tango so he is happy to take Günther with him. Germans have to learn a lot about tango, he thinks, and remembers his diligent dance students who after a while – like two years – finally discover the passion in the dance. He wonders if Günther has more Latin vibe in his blood. The traffic light opposite the studio turns green and Alfonso sees Günther walking over the street towards him with light steps. They greet each other and Alfonso takes Günther inside. “So what are you hoping for with tango lessons?” Alfonso asks interested. “I am up for finding a great girl”, Günther replies. Gudrun’s boyfriend is confused. As far as he remembered Günther had a girlfriend. The tango aspirant shrugs. “Elvira gave me the running pass”, Günther explains succinctly, “so it’s over”.

If you let the pig out, you are whooping it up.

If you let the pig out, you are whooping it up.

Idiom: die Sau rauslassen

Literal translation: To let the sow/pig out


During the last month, lots has changed for our German friends. Detlef won the lottery, Sabine got a new job, Günther lost his girlfriend and took up a new hobby that he shares with Alfonso, and Elvira fell in love with Rüdiger whom she now dates. Despite these changes, the friends decided they still want to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. Instead of going to a cabin in the country side, they have arrived at the agreement to spend the night out at a party in a club. “It is going to be an epic evening!” Sabine is sure. “We will dance the night away!” Alfonso says and Günther nods while he is tapping his foot to a tango tune in his head. “Oh yes”, Rüdiger agrees, “we will let the pig out on New Year’s Eve!”



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