That rear view mirror

IMG_0030 (3)

What is the woman doing!, you might be wondering? Well, I can tell you and it is just as unspectacular as always: working, following my weekly routine, counting the days until Ingrid returns and undertaking (more than usual) commitments for the Swedish-German commerce.

In that function, I met someone tonight who studied the same as I did. That rarely ever happens. Actually, I don’t think that it has ever happened in real life and outside of my university peer group. It immediately brought back all my Uppsala memories to me and ah, they are such beautiful, tender recollections! Even though my dramatic diary notes some ups and downs, in my photographic documentation and in my mind, it was two years of endless bliss. It has ever since been my wish to be able to time-travel (just not to Bonn maybe), and I would definitely not mind going back two years! (For a while. After a while, I’d get very annoyed with those kitchens I used to have to share.)

One of the many happy evenings

One of the many happy evenings

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