Chamber Conclave


Today I had to get up almost as early as on a work day. Because it kind of was a work day – a voluntary work day though. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce met for a closed meeting today in Hamburg and of course we (the junior organisation’s coordinators) wanted to be there as well. Around this meeting, there were several get togethers this week with other representatives of the board and after that, I must say my understanding of how the Chamber works has significantly increased. Plus, I got to sit in work groups with CEOs of seriously important companies and organizations and – since it’s Sweden – we discussed on a friendly, equal level. Still, I haven’t felt this young in a while because even among the junior delegates, I was by far the youngest. (Just to be clear: it is great to be/feel young.)

When I rushed co-coordinator and chauffeur out of the amazingly 60s and yet kind of modern Vattenfall headquarters because I had to fulfill a secret mission (cannot talk about it yet), we left with a clearer picture and new inspiration. And now I am off to do one of my favorite things: the movies. Finally there is a film at the movie theatre that is just a stone throw away from home!



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