Home Improvement: Einsatz in vier Wochen

004 Today is the day! After four weeks on the other side of the globe, immensely enjoying herself without me (scandalous!), Ingrid is coming home to Hamburg. Just some weeks before she left for her vacation, she had moved into her new, first own, apartment and we had since been talking about home improvement. Just remember our grown up trip to the home improvement store before Christmas.

Getting ready for Einsatz in vier Wochen.

Getting ready for Einsatz in vier Wochen.

The chauffeur zick-zacking through Hamburg.

The chauffeur zick-zacking through Hamburg.

Still, when she left, she had no table or duvet and of course that is part of a bohemian lifestyle but it also gave me and two of her friends the possibility to have our very own “Einsatz in vier Wochen”. In Germany, there is a very popular tv show called “Einsatz in vier Wänden” (Mission within four walls) where a voluptuous lady comes to your home and remodels it. We did not only have four walls, we even had four weeks and while our budget is not quite the same as the TV show’s, we still had great fun. Last Sunday, I forced asked Claudius and Niklas help me with that project. We zick-zack-drove through Hamburg (“Pick me up first, I live closer to Ingrid’s” “No, come by my house first, I am much closer to her house”), parked in forbidden spaces, and then I made the boys carry up the table Claudius had built five floors. I followed them with flowers and – of course – helium balloons as well as homemade food for the freezer. And a duvet. It is cold in Germany, you know. 005 007 009 If that’s no sign of we missed you, then I don’t know. Welcome home, Ingrid! 017

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