A Friday in Stockholm


Life has accelerated so much since last Thursday night that I had no chance of blogging about all that happened. I don’t even know where to start so I am thinking I’ll give you snack-sized texts as some like to say. So get out your snack now. I think a yoghurt should be the perfect size for this first part.

On Friday, I went to the Swedish National Health Insurance. Not because I hoped to get treatment for my disk but to meet my friend Weronika who works there. When we greeted each other, she asked me if I had grown, and then she found my voice to be different. But when we hugged to say goodbye, she sniffed at my hair and said, “That scent, now I know it’s really you!”


In the afternoon, I met my friend Josefine at the bakery that has the smartest PR team in Stockholm, what am I saying, in Sweden. It is called Tössebageriet and “invented” a semmelwrap. A semla is a cream bun you eat for Fat Tuesday in Sweden and Tössebageriet made a wrap out of it. This variation of the bun was eaten up by the media (both literally and figuratively). Such a small thing, basically cost-free for the company, and all of Sweden was talking about it. When I got there, weeks after the hype began, there were 36 people in the queue. At 1 pm on a week day! The semmelwrap was actually good though! Since the wrap is lined inside all the way from top to bottom with mandelmassa (a kind of marzipan) and cream, the cream is much tastier.

Coming up next: The Dinner Party

Meeting with two of my favorite German girls

Meeting with two of my favorite German girls

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