Hamburg singing


You must regard this blog as a time machine for the next posts. One day, I will tell you of last week’s adventures, the next day, I will suddenly report about what happened tonight. Didn’t you always want to timetravel?

A few weeks ago I heard about “Hamburg singt” (Hamburg singing). It’s like an open choir where anyone can join anytime. There is a band playing, lyrics on large screens, easy, well-known songs and no notes. Basically, it’s the Swedish Allsång på Skansen just that it’s inside a dark church instead of a open-air museum overlooking Stockholm’s skyline in the summer. And then, there might be some more differences, but both events are on Tuesday nights (is this some kind of unwritten rule, by the way? All my choirs always rehearse on Tuesdays and both Hamburg singing and Allsång på Skansen are on Tuesdays. Suspicious!).

I decided that my colleagues at work would benefit from a team building event and, the self-appointed feel good manager that I am, I asked everyone to come to Hamburg singing. Because humans love to sing even if they keep saying they have a bad voice and cannot sing, everyone joined. So tonight, I found myself in a Free Protestant Church (there were three churches within 300 metres which is also suspicious) with about 350 other singers. Three hundred fifty! The choir leader was quite a bit of an entertainer and the band surely created a party atmosphere. I must say, however, that the sounds of the bands and the clapping were so loud no one ever managed to hold the second voice, and – also due to the choice of songs – a lot was just bellowing. At least they played ABBA in the end, . “But I have a talent, a wonderful thing, cause everyone listens when I start to sing”.

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