Hamburg 2024

Good news! I already told you I started caring about Hamburg. Identifying. Bothering about Hamburg’s local politics. Tonight was a huge night for anyone interested in Hamburg. Tonight, the German Olympic Committee decided whether Berlin or Hamburg should get to submit an application to host the Summer Olympics 2024. And they chose Hamburg. Of course – Berlin does not even get their airport done.

Boston is our big competitor, I heard on the radio just now, and do you realize how I wrote our? Rome also applied, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Italy is hot and you don’t know if Berlusconi will be dead by then or if he will be embarrassing everyone. Whereas Hamburg, a first-time-host in history, could combine the water based and the other non-water based games in a very small circle, due to its good location.

Photo: MoPo

Since the beginning of this year, Olympic enthusiasts have been rallying to get public support for this project. In a few months, they will have a referendum and if the Hamburgers vote against the Games, there will be no Games. That is why someone came up with the claim “Ich bin Feuer und Flamme für Spiele in Hamburg”, literally translating to “I am fire and flames for Games in Hamburg”. In German (and Swedish), to be fire and flames means to really be up for something. Once the public had learned that claim, it was enough to be an Olympic torch sticker on a bus to signal “Yes, Hamburg 2024”. The Fire and Flames are accompanied by all kinds of events such as lighting countless torches with people around the Alster Lake and putting fireworks in the sky that form the Olympics rings. (Only at times when I cannot watch for some stupid reason, of course.)

2024, it sounds like a complete different galaxy time-wise. But it is only 9 years away…

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