See me sitting in the palm tree

Of course I am not sitting in the palm tree. That was an ABBA quote.

Of course I am not sitting in the palm tree. That was an ABBA quote.

Sunday was really a sun-day yesterday. I remember when I was younger and before I had lived in a country where it is a cultural technique to GET OUT TO THE SUN THE MOMENT YOU CAN, sunshine would not interrupt for plans for watching TV, studying or anything else you do inside the house. Not so anymore. When I see good weather, I feel a compelling need to be under that clear sky. (This is somewhat of a problem from May to October because I cannot have an outdoor office.) So instead of cleaning after church, I modified my route home and took a walk through Planen un Blomen, Hamburg’s picturesque inner-city park with the Low German name (Planten un Blomen means Plants and Flowers in the low German language Plattdeutsch). As I was drifting through the park, I saw the Botanical Garden’s Tropical House that belongs to the university and is free of charge (making the tax payer happy). So I took a little tour in there, gazing at hungry fish and marveling at plants that grow more than 15 centimeters a day. This is also an effect of growing up plus having lived in Sweden: I have started appreciating nature. Not to the extent where I would voluntarily go for a hike in the Alps, but I am nevertheless impressed with a bamboo and oranges growing on trees that reach for the sunlight. Navigating through the tropics to the fern landscape, an unknown wanderlust to go see really far-away places sprouted within me. Anyone who wants to accompany me to Africa, South America or Australia?

The Botanical Garden is nowadays called Loki-Schmidt-Garden after the former First Lady and has surprisingly good educational approaches (featuring stinking socks in the trees). You can find it here:

Hamburg's landmark, Saint Michael, seen from the park

Hamburg’s landmark, Saint Michael, seen from the park

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