Way out West

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There’s no denying I put a great cliffhanger there last Friday, right? You were all like, “What does she mean, Way out West? Gothenburg?!” Unfortunately not. Or let’s not say that because I can report that I kind of enjoy living in Germany right now. At least during the times that it does not rain and I am not on an overcrowded metro.

So where is Way out West then? It is (too) far from Hamburg and it is a place that was not really on my personal map before. I know it existed but it never occurred to me to ever move there: Düsseldorf. Then, I got a phone call. And everything was turned upside down. I summoned the Helen Board of Decision Consultants and discussed the offer from all possible angles. Before, I had always been so sure to stay in Hamburg for 2, 3 years.

Eventually, I decided that I must give it a chance. You miss 100 procent of shots that you don’t take, after all. That is a quote that I found in my new Düsseldorf-friend’s profile. When I went to Düsseldorf to check out the workplace (with pictures of the royal family, big plus) and the city (that goes in the same theme as Bonn, the 1990s, kind of a minus), I walked down to the Rhine river. I literally do not know a soul in Düsseldorf and like a tourist I took photos of the riverside. Until a blonde young woman looked at me. Once, twice. Then she said, “Don’t we know each other?” Of course we did! She was a friend of my friend Maike and we met at Maike’s party in Bonn. She introduced me to her friend she was visiting. “He lives in Düsseldorf!”

Was this a sign? I am not sure, but we did hang out by the river for two hours and I asked how many alternative cinemas Düsseldorf had. I have always had peculiar criteria when picking my cities. When I started studying, I checked for “number of cinemas, number of airports, number of IKEAs”. I can now inform you that Düsseldorf has four alternative cinemas, the fourth biggest German airport and I feel my IKEA furniture is rather complete.

Today, I travelled to my grandfather’s sick bed. As I stepped into the tiny waiting room of the intensive care unit, I met my future co-worker there. This is the second, very random Düsseldorf-related coincidence in two weeks.

I am throwing myself into this new chapter of event management, press work  and all other things furthering Swedish-German relations in the middle of July. Please do come visit me in Hamburg before. Or after that in Düsseldorf. 

One thought on “Way out West

  1. Dear Helen, perhaps you don’t remember this, but you and Ingrid visited us in Bilk in about … 2006 …or 2007 (my daughter was still quite small). We now live in Unterbach which feels like a village :o) Please do get in touch if you feel like it. Christiane


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