In the waiting room with Mr Müller-Pasquier

I am allowed moderate movement so I spend quite some time walking around my hood. Luckily, there are some amazing views.

I am allowed moderate movement so I spend quite some time walking around my hood. Luckily, there are some amazing views.

Thank God I am not a professional blogger  because if I was, I’d probably be fired by now given my update frequency. Or maybe I would simply been certified unfit for work which I, unfortunately, actually really am. You know, the spinal issues. It is really not a fun topic but since this blog is not a forum to depress people, I will focus on the lighter sides of not being able to carry things/bend/sit/sneeze.

I fill my days by making excessive use of the German health care system. (As I moved to Germany also because I deemed the Swedish health care to be flawed, it kind of makes sense.) You would not think how many different doctors you can be sent to see. The waiting rooms are crowded and we, the ones waiting, are starting to form a kind of community, we are starting to bond. Sometimes it feels like these are my new colleagues and the doctors are my new bosses, giving me orders.

I was at the orthopedist’s on Monday sharing the waiting room with Mr Müller-Pasquier, and on Wednesday, I met Mr Müller-Pasquier again in the waiting room of the MRI practice. It is not surprising but it shows both Mr Müller-Pasquier and I undergo comprehensive treatment. Mr Müller-Pasquier is around my age as well and probably also unfit for work since he can make appointments in the middle of the day. Sadly, Mr Müller-Pasquier does not frequent the same physiotherapist as me so we could not further deepen our relationship there. 

Another sign that I spend lots of time at doctors’ is that there is nothing new in the various waiting rooms’ magazines anymore. I’ve read it all. My knowledge about Kim Kardashian (whose existence I was barely aware of before) has expanded exponentially. I am also slowly figuring out which magazine is closest to my favorite Swedish journal and maybe German “Grazia” is some kind of equivalent. This is almost working because knowing the media landscape is very important in my job. Even so I feel like I have to bring my own books to the doctors now.

To make sure the resources laid on me come to the best possible use, I share them. (Not my medication because my neurologist said that I am not allowed to give my narcotics to anyone. If you, like me, are bewildered by this comment and believed no one would give prescription-only-meds to others, let me tell you: people apparently do, as my neurologist told me.) I share my new, deep knowledge on physiotherapy with, of course, Ingrid. She believes she has contracted back pains from me (yeah, right) so I taught her the exercises I was taught. Secondary benefits of health care resources!

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