Fine, let’s talk about it

Since years, bus line no 2 has been going to Sofia, a  part of Södermalm in Stockholm. But of course, tomorrow this is a particularily funny coincidence.

Since years, bus line no 2 has been going to Sofia, a part of Södermalm in Stockholm. But of course, tomorrow this is a particularily funny coincidence.

In my CV under personal interests, it says “European Royal Families”. I believe employers should know the truth from the beginning. There is no point denying my queen-size-knowledge about the courts. (Actually, compared to the real royal connoisseurs, I am just an amateur monarch watcher.)

What’s for sure is that my royal interest has developed tremendously over the past 12 years. Even two years ago, as I happened to live so very close to Princess Madeleine’s wedding venue, I would bother to stand in the sun to look at her as a bride. That excitement ebbed away with the years and I believe this to be a part of natural Swedification. Young Swedes usually don’t even have any opinion on the royal family. But people who don’t know me well enough still think I want to talk about how the Duke of Montpezat got into a fight with the ex-queen of Greece over a dress. I don’t.

The truth, I guess, is: I am solely interested in a) the PR perspective (how do different royal courts handle communication with the public and how has this changed?) b) the historical perspective (as a historian, this is rather logical) and the c) the psychological perspective (what does it do to people to be assigned certains roles and to marry their cousins?)

I explicitly do not care about the yellow press and all the weddings, births and deaths are interesting to me from the above-named perspectives. (There is one expection: The Swedish Crown Princess Family. I love everything about them. I’d care even if there was no pr/historical/psychological content and only cute photos of Estelle.)

This has gone so far that while I totally acknowledge the fact that there is a Swedish royal wedding tomorrow, I am shockingly uninterested. It haunts me though because all of my feeds in all different social media are full of it. Many of my friends, and even their parents, have approached me to ask about my feelings regarding tomorrow’s wedding.Okay, then, let’s talk about it:

Since I gave up on marrying the Swedish Prince himself a decade ago (mainly because he is short), the strongest emotion I can elicit is, “Hmmm, really, Sofia?” No, actually, you know what – even though I would never have entertained the thought of traveling there for the noble nuptials, I do look forward to something tomorrow: the many European royals that will grace Europe’s most beautiful city tomorrow – and the immense material this will yield for the three-fold-royal-perspective. And if it really rains heavily outside, maybe, perhaps, I’ll be watching. 

The Guardian writes, “Sweden gears up for royal wedding as republican sentiments rise”

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