To the North!

006 (2)

It is always the same procedure. Three, four, five times a year. I frantically do laundry (did I forget to wash t h a t dress?), I transfer all my money to my Swedish account (have to be solvent to buy tights), I do a shopping tour to acquire the items I am importing for friends (no, not only what you think). I open my second wallet where I store all the cards I need in Sweden (credit cards, public transport cards and semi-fake student ids) and the left over money from the last time. Then, I almost have a nervous breakdown because I can’t find my Swedish SIM card only to discover it in a tiny bag with cut-out golden hearts.

I check the weather report and feel that Sweden does love me back because just like last year, there are spectacular and not so typical temperatures in the high twenties (Celsius!) predicted. I ask the neighbours to water my roses and the tomato. After telling myself for weeks I can travel light with hand luggage, I pack four pairs of shoes and check in a bag on the Germanwings homepage. This time, I have to leave my house before 5 am to catch the flight. What was I thinking?! I was probably thinking: I’ll be having breakfast in Stockholm with Malin. I’ll be having lunch at the Parliament with my former colleague. I’ll be singing with Franziska at Skansen. I’ll be swimming in the Baltic Sea with the girls. I’ll be meeting my friends’ baby again. I’ll be having dinner with Linus, I’ll drink rosé with Martina, I’ll get a first-hand report from Almedalen from Josefine, I’ll be hanging out with Marita, I’ll finally visit Sea Crow Island.

That’s a pretty awesome thought.



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