Climbing the train hierarchy

Some of you know my list of life dreams. Announcing the German points for Eurovision is on it, obtaining a studentmössa is listed (and ticked off) and becoming the owner of a BahnCard100. Let me explain this to those unfamiliar with the concept of the German Railway, Deutsche Bahn. The tickets to travel by train in Germany are quite expensive. When you use the train a lot, it makes sense to buy a Bahncard that gives you a discount on the price. If you buy BahnCard25, you get 25%, with BahnCard50, you pay only half price and with BahnCard100 – yes, you travel for free. Any train, any time. How awesome is that?!

When the tickets are checked, the BahnCard100 owners just  pull out their card which is black to easily be distinguished from us normal white-card-holders. When the ticket person catches a glimpse of the black card, they smile and nod knowingly.

The BahnCard100 costs around 5000 euro for a year so a fulfilment of this life dream is not on the horizon. However, I still managed to climb higher in the BahnCard hierarchy and I am delighted about this step in my life.

Last week, I had a big letter in the mail from Deutsche Bahn. It was a card saying “I heart comfort”, with the heart being made of textile fabric .Once you opened it, it said, “Now how does that feel?” Because I spent more than 2000 euros on train tickets this year (I like to think that they must have some calculation mistake because that does not correspond to my book keeping), I was upgraded to BahnCardComfort customer. This means I get access to the lounges in the train stations where you are served free drinks and have free wifi. It also entails being able to claim the especially reserved BahnComfort seats in an overcrowded train (even though I still wonder how to know if the people already sitting there are also BahnComfort customers or I am entitled to chase them away? [Something I would never do anyway because eh, dignity?!])

Most important, statuswise, is though the fact that I got a new BahnCard that is silverish-grey. You see the trend, right? From white to grey to..just det, black. One day, my friends, one day.

(Sorry, no illustrative picture as I don’t want to spend all my evenings in the staircase.)

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