A glorious house



I cannot remember the last time I walked into a Catholic church on a normal Sunday to find it completely full with people. Today, I made a superficial choice of church by going to the one that has the prettiest interior. Saint Andrews is, as I have learned, one of the very few early-baroque churches in Germany, and it is decorated with countless carvings in the ceiling and on the walls.

Maybe all those people also came for the decoration but they seemed definitely to be regular church-goers because the leaflet we got (after securing one of the last seats) had no notes. Apparently everyone knows all the hymns by heart. Luckily, Catholic church songs are not overly creative so you get the hang of them quickly.

While I was not all too impressed with the service (is there even a return to the bosom of the Catholic Church after years of Svenska kyrka-fication?), I did learn that today was the Day of Saint Apollinaris and that that’s the patron saint of Düsseldorf! Before, I had only known that name from the popular German mineral water called Apollinaris.

Much to my confusement, that saint is the saint of wine and that does not make sense to me at all, neither from the water-perspective nor from the Düsseldorf-connection. (Düsseldorf is famous for its Altbier, a dark beer.) But I shall not judge these circumstances but simply listen and learn: it is Saint Apollinaris I must pray to for better cycle paths in the city. 

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