How’s work then?

Considering how much time I spend at work and how little on trains, I report relatively much more on trains than on work. That is not because work is worse than the train rides but more because obviously, I can’t tell the internet everything about what I do at work. But what I can tell the internet is that it is truly amazing how quickly one gets used to better standards.

You might know that phenomenon if you have a dishwasher. Before you got a dishwasher, you were frustrated and annoyed that you had to wash those greasy pans and dirty plates with your own hands every day. You could rarely invite anyone over because the dishes would be so much work afterwards. Then, you acquired a dishwasher. You don’t have to worry about certain things anymore: you just put the dishes into the machine and it takes care of it. The machine does the dishes perfectly for you and at night, you put it on and listen to its beautiful humming sound. It only takes a few days and you are used to that luxury. You don’t ever want to go back to pre-dishwasher life.

Now I am certainly not saying my co-workers or bosses act as my dishwashers or anything. Not at all. But they are very friendly, we have similar values; it’s a relaxed and productive atmosphere. Every Friday at three, we have fredagsfika because that is what you do working with Swedes. Let me tell you, you get used to than faster than you can say kanelbulle. The same goes for the content of my work. What once was a highlight of the week – getting to work on something that had to do with something Swedish and staying on top of all things Swedish-German – is the usual routine now. You get accustomed to that in no time, too. I am not saying that work is perfect and that I am sad on Fridays to have to leave the office for two days. But I am saying: It’s good and it’s important to know not to take that for granted.

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