Forbidden Love

Spoiler Alert: I did not fall in love with my boss’ son, so this forbidden love is not about me.


My youngest aunts are only 13 years older than me which has allowed me to participate in a few teenage things in the earlier 1990s. This includes the series premiere of “Forbidden Love” (Verbotene Liebe) on the second day of 1995. I was sitting on the sofa at grandma’s place, Christmas had just passed, and on the TV screen the twins Jan and Julia met and fell in love.

When I told people, I would relocate to Düsseldorf, more than one replied, “Oh, that’s where Forbidden Love is set!” Talk about being famous for the right reasons. The city marketeres get so carried away with this fame that they call Düsseldorf the “Hollywood by the Rhine River”. 

Of course, I had to dig in the archives of the German National Television. I love reading/watching stories that are set in a place where I am or have lived. (Needless to say I bought ‘Angels and Demons’ on a school trip in Rome.)

Even though it confuses me that they show the Cologne Cathedral in the opening credits (and I find some contradicting info about where the soap opera is set), I am glued to the screen watching the first episode, trying to spot something I recognize from Düsseldorf. So far no luck but let me tell you, it is totally worth to take a look at this episode. All the nineties feeling will come back (and that’s truly hilarious from the theme song tothe clothing): Verbotene Liebe

P.S.: I never even met my boss’ son.

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