The Garbage God called



Sometimes I think the amount of weird encounters in my life is larger than in others. But really, I suppose it is just that I report about them more. At work today, we were confronted with someone who definitely can compete with Cornelia in terms of being special.

When I came back from lunch, our student assistant told me, “The Garbage God just called”. He wanted to use our services and had some questions, she explained. “He told me he was featured in some big magazines and that he is an artist working with waste. That’s why he goes by the name of Garbage God”. Because I was supposed to get back to the Divine Litterer, I decided to do some research before. Apparently, he lives in a small village and upsets his neighbours with the Trash Art. The authorities have already tried to take away the waste from his garden but then he went on hunger strike. The Garbage God, who is cited to call himself “the greatest artist since Joseph Beuys”, even plans to found his own church.

Maybe he is crazy, maybe he is a misjudged genius (many people never got Beuys either) – in any case it shows that this is a free country. I am not so sure about his Swedish connection though. So maybe we won’t offer our services. We’ll see.

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