Faith, Hope and Love

“I am looking for warmth, uh-oh, I am looking for closeness, uh-oh, I am looking for tenderness, uh-oh, I am looking for you”. That’s the background music in the first scenes of the new Swedish TV series, “Tro, hopp och kärlek” (faith, hope and love). A good thing about working in a Swedish ghetto as I jokingly call my workplace is that the others bring up conversation topics from Swedish everyday life just as much as from Germany. Yesterday, my bonus colleague (someone who does not work in my organisation but who I share the copy machine, coffee machine, lunch and fika with) told me about this new TV show that is available on SVT online.

When I first heard about it, I thought that this is such a crazy idea it is only typical that the Swedish National Television would show it. When we in Germany are busy with “Farmer seeks wife”, the Swedes have – after “Married at first sight” (where two people are matched by a team, meet first at the altar and have to marry each other) – proceeded to “Pastor seeks partner”, as I call it.

For me who has been raised as a Catholic where priests are not married and do not have relationships, it is always very fascinating to see that they are normal people, too. In “Tro, hopp och kärlek”, they kind of have taken it to extremes. At least the pastor from the Pentecostal church, Josef, is absolutely not what I used to think of when I think of a clergyman: a young, cool man in torn jeans. Then there’s Åsa (yay for a female priest in the show!) who works out on the archipelago islands. How amazing isn’t that, island-hopping between three tiny isles? 

I am usually more for fiction than for real-people-TV, but simply because this is so a, eh, special setup, I think it’s worth taking a look: SVT Play Tro, hopp och kärlek. An additional plus is that Mark Levengood who speaks endearing Finland-Swedish, is the host of the show.

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