The Cologne Marathon


There were literally only 12 hours between my two last train rides and given that there was a whole night in between, that’s not a lot of awake time. “I feel like I live on the ICE train”, I said to my co-worker this morning when I quickly tried to sort out the most important things before hopping on the train again. “That is not just a feeling”, she replied, “that is the truth”.

She has a point and I am starting to move very nonchalantly in the Deutsche Bahn Lounge reserved for frequent travellers (you get free drinks, papers and wifi here, in Hamburg they even give you cake.) After a weekend with the stations Münster-Osnabrück-Hamburg-Düsseldorf, I went to Cologne. Düsseldorf and Cologne cultivate a long-established rivalry which I find a bit silly. Cologne is almost The Forbidden City for a real Dizzeldorfer and I have subconsciously conformed to that rule because I never travelled to our neighbor so far, mostly because I don’t want to go even further South than I already am. But today I had a good reason to go: I had to check out as many festive venues as possible in one afternoon in order to decide where to arrange our June event. That is what I meant by Cologne Marathon (don’t tell me you thought I was running a real marathon).

I passed the Rhine and the Cathedral and saw the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Cologne even has a prettier central station than us. Some of my coworkers commute from Cologne daily and after experiencing it once today (constant delays, masses of people) I understand it even less than before. But then again, I am the exemplified anti-commuter. Anyway, I have a clear favorite for the dinner part of the June event, now I just have to find a venue for the day…

A gorgeous house in the Botanicall Garden

A gorgeous house in the Botanical Garden

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