Yoghurt Voice

Me as the Happy Yoghurt Baby

Me as the Happy Yoghurt Baby

Yoghurt is a thing in my life. Has always been. I have loved yoghurt since I was a little girl in Heidelberg, asking my mom to buy hazelnut yoghurt from Ehrmann for me. I was so young it did not even weird me out that this yoghurt company’s claim was “Ehrmann – no one turns me on more”. (I hope they have abandoned that yoghortic slogan now.) At work, some of us usually go to the supermarket before lunch and I usually do not because I am either on the phone discussing seating plans for hours and/or have food with me. But I almost always want a yoghurt. People are very helpful and get me a yoghurt (even though only my direct co-worker is a real Helenic Yoghurt Connoisseur who gets me when I say, “Anything but cherry”.) The thing is they do not want to be reimbursed because yoghurt only costs some cents. For some reason – not on purpose – I have managed to always ask a different person so now I have eaten at least 5 free yoghurts. I have brought up the idea of creating a yoghurt account to which I contribute money.

When I read up the weird names of conference rooms to my co-worker (“peach”, “date”, “pear”), she said I had a voice that could totally be in a yoghurt commercial. I would be the perfect person to talk while the fresh fruits were graciously falling into the white yoghurt. “Other people are hand models and you’re the voice woman”, she said. I think that was a compliment. And, I mean, at least I can identify with yoghurt buyers, right?

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