Ingrid was here!

Ingrid was here! So apparently I was not on here on my blog. We met in Cologne where I looked at event venues (yes, again, and yes, now I finally found all I needed) and which gave us the excellent opportunity to meet up with Maike and to introduce Julia and Ingrid to each other over a Persian dinner. Before dinner, Ingrid and I went to a café to give each other life updates. Apparently it was a gay café, so probably everyone thought we were a couple (which most people think anyway). The waiter, however, even had another assumption about us after he had heard us pepper the conversation with occasional English: “Are you practising for the TOEFL test?” We were not sure whether that was an insult or a compliment.

The Ecumenical Quartett (missing: Julia)

The Ecumenical Quartett (missing: Julia)

The next day, I forced Ingrid to go to the art supply store Boesner with me. In Hamburg, that store was around the corner and you could shop there. I should have suspected something when we had to go to the other side of the Rhine to an industrial area but it was not before we walked into the large store and saw the instructions that only people working with art are allowed to buy art supplies here. Thank God I had Ingrid with me who with her student ID managed to get us into Boesner. I think they should legalize consumption of art supplies for everyone.


Ingrid’s illustration


We used the supplies at night to print cards. Ingrid was very grumpy when we started but the evening activity grew on her during the creative process and in the end, we were both very proud. (And the apartment very messy.)

The day after, I worked the morning and had a long meeting about the next year’s editorial plan for our magazine, and I got a new desk. It is not only very pretty with its walnut colors, it can also rise and fall. I love it.


Even it is rains most time in Dizzle-fall, the moment Ingrid came, the town brightened up and showed itself from its best side. 18 degrees Celsius! Eating lunch outside! And what did do? We went to the K21 – widely renowed museum for art of the 21st century. What attracted us was a special exhibition called “The Problem of God” and which claimed to address modern art’s use of Christian iconography. What we saw was a dead foal, many naked women, five corpses and a canvas showing nothing but black paint.The audio guide informed us that the exhibition’s title could be understood as either God’s Problem or The Humans’ Problem with God. We were not convinced. (a) in which [religious] tradition does God have problems? Isn’t God considered this supernatural almighty creature? b) If you mean God’s Problem why would you write The Problem of God? I don’t write The Problem of Helen either if I talk about my problems? Language experts comment below.)

Also, reprobative looks from the countless museum attendants were included in the admission upon entering every section of the exhibition. The only thing that saved the K21’s reputation was the amazing installation of a giant spider web in which the visitors could walk around.

This art work shows blood thrown on a canvas. Terrific.

This art work shows blood thrown on a canvas. Terrific.


Ingrid dared to walk around there


We also managed to look at an apartment, go to Café Love Handels [Café Hüftgold], attend a four-hour-long Nerd Nite and bake apple muffins because I was fika hostess this Friday at work. No, we did not go to bed before 2 a.m.

Dizzeldorfer Netze Sad balloon

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