Yesterday, my co-worker asked, “What are you doing this weekend?” I replied truthfully, “I am going to Amsterdam”. “Of course. Why am I not surprised?” she said.

While Düsseldorf may have some disadvantages such as being far from the sea, one must take the opportunity to make use of its advantages. One of those is definitely its closeness to the Netherlands. It took me two hours to get here. By direct train. For 29 euros. Does it get any better than that?

As I got off the train, I saw tens of people in orange uniforms with signs “Refugess welcome! We are here to help you!” which I found very nice. Because I do not qualify as refugee, I decided to find my way alone. Thanks to the excellent signage (after my time in Hamburg I find this worth mentioning), I found my way to the ferry where I met the friends I am spending this weekend with. Oh, yes, the ferry. Our hostel is opposite the central station but you have to a ferry to get there. It’s free.

We only had to walk some minutes from the ferry to the hostel but the Amsterdam weather decided to greet us with heavy spray rain so we were completely wet one we go to the hostel. Tomorrow seems to be day with 18 degrees and rain. But that cannot stop us – we know where the Rijksmuseum is!

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