Everyday insanity


Let’s start with the very good thing: I do not have a cold. In November, you should not take that for granted.

Otherwise, things are happening. I finally decided on my move, signed a lease, set a date, called my landlord to propose my friend as a next tenant. That’s a common way to be able to shorten the notice period. Being German and all, I did not want to terminate one lease before having securing a new one. Too bad my landlord informed me that he wants to renovate my apartment after I move out and he can’t say if he can start earlier. In the worst case scenario, I am paying two and a half rents for an empty apartment. If you know anyone who needs a beautiful but empty apartment for 10 weeks in central Hamburg, do not hesistate to contact me. Meanwhile, I juggle attending to my three landlords (old apartment, current apartment, new apartment) and subtenants and potential subtenants, moving helpers and up-for-painting-walls-friends.

At work, we are approaching D-Day as well. D-Day is in our case the big gala evening next Thursday that I am responsible for. By now, we have come down to the details of the details. Today, we had to send the name badges to the print shop and geez, it was such a hassle. One thing is the computers not wanting to cooperate, another is the constant calls to all places imaginable checking titles and protocol, then there is sudden cancellations, and at some point you think you have too many or too few participants. My co-worker and I have gone through that list so often by now that I actually know the participants by heart. With their company titles. That’s quite something when you have 195 people on a list!

Note to colleague "I found two more plus ones! CRISIS!"

Note to colleague “I found two more plus ones! CRISIS!”

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