Away on business


Düsseldorf by night, photograped by my friend Nadine who visited me on Sunday

Today, my co-worker and I travelled to lovely Hamburg to prepare things for our event. I don’t like packing because it requires you to plan in advance what you want to do and wear; also, I always think I am missing something. How much more stressful is it to pack things for work! Do we have everything printed, what do we need to send by messenger, what do we take ourselves, will we need this or that in Hamburg?

We finally made our way here, to the very nice Scandic Hotel that is Swedish through and through (from the interior design to the staff that say “Hej and welcome, my name is Johanna” as if we Germans used first names). On the way, we met several refugees and volunteers on the platform to help those. We also sorted through 190 names on the train. Whenever we could not find someone, we found that person on table 22 which lead my co-worker to start calling it the Bermuda Triangle.

Just when we had everything settled perfectly, the seating completely arranged, a call from our boss came in. Five important guests had to cancel. As soon as I got into the hotel room, I called five lucky ones from the waiting list. So now tomorrow the seating carousel goes again…!

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