The Aftermath

13. Verleihung des Schwedischen Unternehmenspreises

1 p.m. to midnight last Thursday might have been the fastest hours in my life in terms of passing by. I have tried to recuperate from it but even after two nights with 8+ hours sleep, I am still tired. That’s why I havent reported earlier.

I remember how my predecessor told me being at the venue five hours before would be “very tight” and I wondered how on earth we were supposed to spend five hours when the tables were already set. What was there to  do for five hours?


Well, a lot. Putting out 188 place cards alone took like two hours. Then there is the technical part that, of course, did not work at once. There’s briefings to do be done, flowers to be inspected, registration to be set up. There are very important guests’ staff who needs to see the place before. There is people coming leaving things, flags to be put up, last minute calls (“I have a huge problem and I need you to solve it”) and oneself also has to change into fancy clothes at some point. Needless to say there are also guests who nonchalantly show up 35 minutes early for the reception.
Still, nothing went wrong that the guests could have noticed. (What the guests never knew was that the flowers had no water, one speaker exceeded his time, the crew got food very late, there should have been a table on stage at some point, and the host of the gala arrived noticing he had forgot his dress shoes and ran to the next store buying new ones.)

For the guests, the evening was a celebration going smoothly and we had to make them leave at around midnight. For me, it was finally seeing all my work resulting in a great event. It was eventually meeting those people personally that I’ve worked with at a distance. It was a sucess, also because I had dutiful, calm helpers.

When I sat in my hotel room at 2:45 a.m., the evening had just gone by in a minute, and as I was typing the first report for our website, I thought, this was fun but I am kind of glad I only have to do such a large-scale event once a year.

Back at the office today, my to do list had not at all become shorter. On the contrary, it felt like we had been on vacation and now we have to catch up with work. Only that we haven’t been on vacation…


13. Verleihung des Schwedischen Unternehmenspreises

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