Another town, another train

“Tänk att äntligen få vila, få sova i sin egen säng/ja, vi ska ta dit till en plats där du får stanna, du ska snart få komma hem/-ma, var ligger det nånstans, kan nån ge svar?”

“Imagine to finally rest, to sleep on one’s own bed/we’ll find a place to live that you will learn to love and call your home/Where is home? What can I say?”

(Kristina från Duvemåla. Of course.)

You would think I am moving across Europe considering that I am dedicating three whole days to this endeavour. Really, it is just
that there is a lot to be done. I obviously will not be done after these three days.
Today, my stepdad came all the way from home to help me with buying more stuff at the Baumarkt. I was extremely glad because
he actually knows what he is doing and can drive a van without losing his mind.
Now I am on the train to Hamburg where the moving company will arrive at 8 a.m. tomorrow to take all my earthly belongings into their truck.
There’s a great ambivalence about this day: I long to sleep in my own bed and sit on my own sofa, but I dread upping sticks
in Hamburg, the city that has become a part of me and has since many years been my gate to the north.

On Saturday, we are taking in everything into my new place and then I only have to unpack everything, clean the old apartment,
tear out the old floors in Hamburg (yes, again Germany is crazy, and again, my stepdad is saving me by helping out), find
curtain rods that fit the windows and put them up, bascially almost nothing left to do…



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