The move from hell


There is a good chance this has been my most terrible move so far. You would think hiring movers and paying them a serious amount of money would simplify the process and save you energy but no. At least not with this company. My stove is not working at all (after they installed it, it went beserk heating up a random hot plate to the maximum while showing that it was off so it had to be taken from the electricity), my lamp is broken, my posters buckled, screws lost and plants hackly. The water pipe under the sink is leaking, the lights in the kitchen only partially function and the cabinets not completely reassembled…and this is not even all that I am listing. In addition to all that, their boss apparently has trouble estimating time because they needed until past 9 pm on two days (!) to get done.

Luckily, my mom came and helped me, with impressive patience and endurance, to assemble an IKEA closet (a serious pain…taking several hours). I spent the evening unpacking and cleaning up after the movers that thought it absurd to clean up any mess they made or even discard their coffee cups.

But now I am home, at least in my Lebensabschnittszuhause [life phase home, in German you can even have a life phase partner if you don’t plan to grow old with her/him], a new word I discovered on Twitter and find very fitting. With my washing machine and my dishwasher, and my sofa, such luxury. Many of the neighbours came by already yesterday, introducing themslves with their last names (“I am Frau Müller, welcome to the house”), and in 90 percent informing me of the high risk of bulgaries and to under all circumstances lock everything I can. I am only a little scared now, but the neighbours seemed to be friendly, respectable people.

And the one thing that did not go wrong with this move: the internet worked at once.

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