Five reasons for a cabin vacation in the Swedish fjäll

IMG_1790 (800x600)

  1. The nature at your finger tips

    Maybe it’s because I am not so well-travelled when it comes to nature, but I’ve never found more untouched, beautiful nature as in the Swedish countryside. There were actually no other foot steps where we took our walks, only immaculate snow, high fir trees, and when you lay down in the snow to make snow angels, the sky looked like it would never end.

  2. The sauna

    Swedish cabins often have their own sauna as many countrymen regard a sauna to be a self-evident part of a complete house. No matter how cold you got outside, you can rely on the sauna warming you up. In the dim light of the little hot room you can chat with your friends until talking gets to exhausting because you are so warm. That’s the point where you step outside on your porch and rub yourself with snow.

  3. The family feeling

    Many cabins are tiny, so you get close with your cohabitants. It means queues to the bathroom, teamwork while cooking, coordination finding seats at the table and thus generating a large family feeling. I love the idea of a large family, especially when it consists of mature adults that don’t start any fights about parental praise or the remote control. Instead, you enjoy the benefits of family feeling: playing games together, cuddling on the sofa, watching TV together, passing on good books to each other, teaching and learning each other new things and nighttime conversations in the bunk beds.

  4. The little things

    A city vacation in an inspiring city can be constant amazement. While that is exciting, it can also be nice every once in a while to be in a place where there is no over-stimulation. In an environment like Sälen, the little things become big and you can enjoy those small adventures. Shopping at Ica becomes a thing, throwing snowballs into the river and watching if they flow with the stream or exploring the little village library – if you live in the big city, these moments can be a pleasant calm counterexperience.

  5. The non-stress

    Because there is less to do in the snowy countryside, you can hardly stress about anything, especially if you are not going skiing and thus don’t even have to get to the lifts in time. The only thing to worry about is to take your walk in the three hours when it is really light. As your wear snow pants there, you don’t have to think about what to wear today, either. Your only task is to enjoy the highly increased mysfaktor when you get back into the cabin and peel oranges on the sofa.

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