Home away from home


My dear friend Bianca moved into a gorgeous apartment.

Some people say, „Home is where your wifi connects automatically“. I believe that is not completely untrue and it is one of the indications that Stockholm is some kind of home to me (even if I have not yet quite worked out in which way.)

The last days in the capital were so nice, my heart ached to be leaving. Even if the times when I would return to Germany and be depressed for days are over (thank God…) at least for now, it is hard to go when you have the most wonderful, inspiring and hospitable friends to leave. Although I still love Stockholm for the city it is, the most important pull factor is definitely the company of these people. I wish we could still spontaneously go to the movies together, drop by for tea or just hang out doing nothing.

My way back to Dizzel was disastrous. It started well with a 50% sale on Elsa Beskow Christmas ornaments at the airport but then the plane was delayed, the connecting flight in Copenhagen unsure, when I finally had made it, it took 90 minutes to get out of the plane, to the baggage and then to the next train. In the end, I arrived at home past 1. And yes, I worked today. Actually, work was tumultuous this morning, too. My co-worker is still on holiday and our student assistant was struggling with unannounced window cleaners, nonfunctioning computers and a postage meter that would not print just today when we have to send out 600 letters. But oh well, we’ve survived that, too.

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