In the capital


At this event, we’ll give gifts instead of flowers. I chose and wrapped them.

Berlin, again. I am considering starting a lobby organization for events in our area. It’s so far to Berlin and the place is so large that it takes forever to get anywhere. Because there are 5000 events every day in the capital, it is also harder to get participants (I at least claim that) and it takes more than four hours to get to the very East (Berlin) from the very West (Dizzel). This includes a rather annoying train ride with young children to the right and drunk men’s clubs the left. That is kind of how I imagine hell.

But oh well, now we’re here and you can’t say that this city is not vibrant. Only on the way from the hotel to the Vapiano, there are like five exhibition posters of museums that you’d love to go to (Spy Museum, anyone? Or am I the only Homeland-addict?). There is almost everything in this city, it seems. Including the spacious Ibero-American Institute.

The hotel I booked was just a little too inexpensive. The location is pretty great but logging onto the internet is very complicated, finding a socket is not easy and the flat screen might just be the most modern thing in this tiny room. Better luck next time!


I had the pleasure of meeting with my friend and ex-co-intern Lisa who’s moved to Berlin.


On the train I used the time to edit the new issue of our magazine. Easy readability is one of my main concerns which is why I always eliminate all unnesscary hyphens. (Bindestriche = hyphens)





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