In an attempt to be cultured, I attended the Düsseldorf Photography Weekend. It was not too impressive. This shell was a loudspeaker and looked like an ear.Profound!

Today, I am enjoying a luxury. That is to say it is ten to three in the afternoon and I am sitting on my sofa, with the sun shining in, with a cup of tea and I have just finished watching an episode of my new superfavorite TV series Borgen. (A Danish show about a female prime minister and politics interplay with media. Made for me. The big plus is that they speak Danish which both fascinates and amuses me.Thanks to my stepdad’s birthday present I now even own a real screen to watch it in all its glory.)

The luxury in all this is that it is a regular Thursday and I am not sick. There may be some annoying things with my job but one of the really good parts is that I get to take time off when I’ve worked overtime. So this morning I worked from home (which also is a privilege not granted at any workplace) and this afternoon I am free. It’s nice being free a Friday or a Monday as well but Thursday is such an  out of the ordinary, no one will be at the supermarket kind of free.

Of course, I have lots of stuff to do anyway. There are still three large moving boxes haunting me in my bedroom (which on the whole looks like a messy storage). Not to speak of the preparations for Saturday (which include counting my bed sheets).


One location tried to win me over by calling their menu suggestion “Swedish Berlin”

These past days, I’ve been busying myself with buying a new bike because my old one was stolen in front of my door while being locked to the bicycle stand, hosting my first dinner at the Blue Table feat. Domizil Lux, and at work, I’ve been looking into good locations for our big event in November. We also kicked off the planning for the junior jubilee – such fun! I had a brainstorming with my comittees and the day after, with my co-workers and we came up with some really good ideas. I’m still working on getting my two co-workers to write an anthem for our junior organization and to perform it with me at the jubilee. Our brilliant student assistant suggested masking ourselves as Crown Princess and go on stage as The Three Victorias. Frankly, I think that it a great band name.

Well, now I should get going to make use of my free hours before the working people hit the supermarkets…!


First Dinner at Domizil Lux

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