Book Dating


As I mentioned earlier, I have joined the local library. It’s a bit funny actually because I have lot of books I own that I still have to read. The DVDs they have you can only borrow for one week which gives me watching pressure. (Really, how are you supposed to watch the first seasons of “Girls” in seven days? I actually stopped after episode 5 because that series is really overrated.) So I decided I could get value for membership fee by joining one of their events. Yes, the library hosts events! The one that sounded the coolest was “Bookdating”. I’m single, I read, I figured I was the target group.

The prospect of attending the bookdating night brought me back to my bookshelf of unread books. Was I to bring one book or more? And given the fact that I haven’t read 30 % of the shelf, which books a) did I read b) didn’t have a story that by recommeding them made me look like a weirdo c) were age-appropriate? It’s not that easy. You don’t want to appear like a besserwisser by taking a non-fiction book with you (“Look at me, I only read about the politics of English queens through the centuries”), you don’t want to appear overly naive-romantic by showing up with a diary novel of a 14-year-old that starts with contemplations on cleavage (“Hello, I’m superficial and stuck in my teens, waiting for the knight on the white horse”) or a comic book about the struggle of living in a dictatorship (“Good evening, I deeply care about democracy but not so much as to bring myself to reading something more challenging than a picture book”).

Yeah, you guessed it, I brought Désirée, Persepolis and England’s Queens.

The group made of was not ideal for dating: two men, five women and everyone except me and my company was out of my dating league age-wise. But that’s not what bookdating is about anyway. It’s more about dating the actual book. Just like with speeddating, you meet a new person (and, unlike speeddating, their books) every five minutes. That way, you gather lots of reading recommendations as every new person explains to you why the book they have brought is totally worth reading. And the best part of it is that the library has these books (or will buy them), so you don’t even have to wreck your wallet to put the tips into action. And who knows, maybe one day you end up at a table with a person who brought the same book as you? Then you know: that’s love.

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