More from the Forbidden City

That’s actually what they call each other! The Forbidden City – if you are from Dizzel it’s Cologne and I guess vice versa. A Hamburg acquaintance moved to Cologne and attended a party in Dizzel during her first week. She was handed a dark beer which is a speciality of Dizzel while Cologne brews light beer, so-called Kölsch. Still unfamiliar with the Great Beer War, she said, “Oh so there is dark Kölsch, too?” The Dizzelers were not amused.

So here’s some more impressions of Cologne.


On a door they put a sticker which says in rhyme: “I advise you, lock the door, latest at 10 pm”.


Advice stickers seem to be a thing because this imperative demands you to love your cats.



This sign literally says “jewelery landscaping”. I suppose they want to say that this park is just for decorational purposes. Unlike all these other urban green areas in Cologne where people grow carrots (not).


The allegedly best ice cream store has a grandiose ceiling and offers currant sorbet and caramel-salty-popcorn-chocolate flavor.



A house facades with lots of heads

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