Office Hilarity

At work, we do lots of serious stuff. But there are frequent occassions where hilarious things happen. My co-worker and I sometimes burst into such laughing fits that I think the rest of the office believes we only send funny memes to each other by email all day.

But we don’t have to, people send us the weirdest stuff. A lot of hotels and event venues court me. One of them, already disadvantaged by its somewhat off location in Kassel sent me a large brochure. It must either have been sent in 1993 and fallen victim to very long post worker strikes or it is an invitation to a time travel experience. See for yourself.


This phone! I can’t even actively remember those kind of phones!


They got that grapes thing going for them.


Please note the great view from their restaurant.

These past weeks, I also had to do some research on companies. It is fascinating what some people work with, things you were not even aware of being a task, and even more exciting is the way they talk about it on their websites. Some have a “burning interest for humidity removal”, others consider themsides “specialists for the suction of harmful particles”. Some I did not even manage to understand what they were doing before reading it three times (“schweißlose Rohrverbindungstechnik”, “Schraubenkompressor”) and one time the browser warned me I’d be entered a site selling weapons when really all they did was sell engraving for pipes. You can’t say I don’t gain insight into looks of things at my work.

Bewildering amusement is also brought to us sometimes by phone. Recently, a gentleman called and explained in much detail how some Swedish authority had charged him 110 kronor (roughly 12 euros) too much for his summer house. He recounted indignantly how the bank had told him they could not help him and he should contact that authority. “I have had that house for 45 years and for 45 years I have paid my dues properly”, he almost shouted through the telephone. “I am going to send you all the documents over now so that you take action!” It took us a while to make him understand that we were not in any way the right contact person for this matter. “Listen”, he said in a serious manner, “I have always met the Swedish people with friendliness. But this is unacceptable! I will be calling the largest German newspaper! This will damage the Swedish tourist industry!”

I’ve been waiting for that first page national headline “Sweden bilks 12 euros out of German stuga owner” ever since…

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