It’s my first day of vacation! It’s a staycation so far but I’ll be travelling soon, too. I started the day with sleep deprivation because as soon as I know I’m free, my inner child seems to be saying, “I’ll stay up reaaaal late” despite the fact that the carpenter was to come at 9 a.m. But not even tiredness could spoil my morning when he fixed my living room doors (now closable!) while I sat at my desk, checking off one item after the other on my to do list without the usual time pressure. I even managed to buy drippers for my flowers, do grocery shopping, go to the post office and pick up a book – all before noon and in the sunshine! There are few things I perceive as luxurious as doing errands in the middle of a week day while everyone else is working. (Or maybe not since the grocery store was rather crowded?!)

I’ve started to try buying books at the little independent book store in my quarter. No offense Amazon, but this is a book store I want to save. Not only do they have really good birthday cards, they also wrap books nicely and today I got a bag that I feel in love with because the brown paper made me feel that I bought my book at the market. Hooray for holidays!

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