Hello, Lisbon!


It’s true – it’s cold down here. (It will take a while for me to get over that fact.) It is also truly down here: I think we spent three hours on the flight?! As I said before, my distance perception is really off and the time difference did its part to confuse me as I was trying to find a comfortable position in the Ryanair seat. The past years, I’ve very much avoided travelling with Irish airline and today’s trip confirmed my policy. The person in front of me kept jumping around in his seat, always pushing it unto my knees, the ladies next to me had a really good time with lots of wine and the plane made a turbulent landing procedure during which the lady next to me closed the blinds of the window. In the middle of the flight, the crew made an announcement saying that row 13 will get free food and drink today because “they are the lucky row today”. Well, there was no row 13. It didn’t exist.

I made my way downtown, looking perplexed at all the signs and advertisements I can’t read. It’s a strange feeling when you look at things and think you understand but then have to realize that you are only guessing. There is also the public decorations that don’t have words but I am not even sure I understand those.


Um, okay? [In the metro]

the metro lines don’t only have colors but also small icons, the yellow line is the sunflower line and the red line seems to be the compass line?

My friend and travel companion Michelle does not arrive until tomorrow but I am lucky that my Hamburg friend Kristin happens to be in town at the same time so now I’m off to meet her on the Pink Street. I’ll be back explaining what that’s all about.

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