Hamburg yesterday

As you know, the absolute majority of my travels goes to the North. Many people don’t understand that, claiming it is always cold there and you never get a tan. This year, I am travelling south for the first time in I-can’t-even-remember (but it most have been when the last Harry Potter came out).

Portugal and France! Good food, relaxed people, sunshine! Because I only fly with handbaggage, my packing had to be light. Ah, I thought, no problem, what do you need in constant 25 degrees anyway, some dresses, some tights and sandals. And yes, that was great for the first week of my vacation here in Germany. From Dizzel to Hamburg, we’re being spoiled by endless sunshine and I even bought new sunglasses.

And now I see the weather forecast for Lisbon: 14 degrees. One of my friends who is already there texts me so I can’t even believe the forecast is wrong. “Rain”, she wrote only to add ten minutes later, “let me rephrase: cloudbursts!” Really, Southern Europe? Are you kidding me? Don’t you want me? Sunny 21 degrees in Stockholm and you greet us with raining 14 degrees?


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