Queen’s Day


Yes, the Swedish Queen was here today. No, I did not meet her. Some of my extra co-workers did and if I had wanted it badly enough, maybe I could have gone. But I have too much stuff to do anyway.

(I figured maybe it’s difficult to follow who’s my co-workers. We share our (rather enormous) office floor with four other Swedish institutions/companies. I call those my extra co-workers because we eat lunch and fika together, we sing each other birthday songs and we share the printer. Then I also have external colleagues (mostly my superiors, my volunteers and close, permanent service providers). And my direct co-workers. So if I speak about my co-workers it can both be a person who does something entirely different than me and my direct colleague who works hand in hand with me. Easy, huh?)

These past days, I’ve been most busy with putting together our magazine together with my favorite external coworker. It’s one of my favorite things to do because it’s like editing the school paper all over again just in a deluxe version. While I always see much room for improvement (my external co-editor has diagnosed me with horror vacui because I react so irritated to blank spaces), I enjoy setting topics, editing, going through again and again. I am blessed because my external colleague does all the strenuous stuff. It’s these weeks that my direct co-worker says, “How can it only be 3 p.m?” and I reply, “How can it already be 3 p.m.?” 

But now everything should go to the print shop tomorrow and I have to focus on all the other projects, especially the three events coming up. There’s so much to bear in mind and now we’re coming down to the details such as picking the food and seating guests. I’ve been going through old photos from my time in Stockholm and found a picture of a seating plan I made then for a private Nobel dinner. It looks extremely alike the plans I do now – I subconsciously trained for this job!



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