Glamour Friday


photo: Claudio Bresciani /TT /

Finally Friday! Or, actually, as we were off work due to the Corpus Christi holiday yesterday, it feels more like a disrupted weekend. I tried to pep talk my colleague before work by texting, “Idag blir det frozen yoghurt och prinsdop!” The adorable little Prince Oscar was christened today and during lunch we clicked through the photos.While I am quite smitten with the little one, my favorite is still Estelle because so cute.


The average age at the office today was 25 because only we and our very young extra co-worker were there on this bridging day. That also meant that the Friday fika situation was unusual and we decided to go get frozen yoghurt (that in the end became ice cream after all).

At my desk, the tasks never end, as soon as I got something done, the next thing pops up. Next week will most probably mean even more frantic activity because we have our three events then. But before that, tomorrow, I’ll be attending a course in “Singing at Sight”. I figured it could faciliate my choir efforts if I can actually kind of understand sheet music. Since I got myself the “new inhabitant gift certificate” booklet from the Dizzeltown administration, I got 20 euros off the course so it’s almost for free now. The only fly in the ointment is that I can’t travel to my parents’ this weekend where my almost-2-year-old stepniece is visiting. But she’s an aspiring singer as well so I think she understands!

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