Good Sunday night


Graffiti in my neighbourhood

The weekend’s over, folks. I spent the Sunday afternoon in my new favorite café. It’s a new place five minutes by bike from my home and I tell myself it’ll be a means of integration into this town for me. I mean, how could frequenting the same café every other day not make myself attached to Dizzel? The café wins the visitor over with its cozy interior, its good cakes and the very charming waitress who I suspect to be Iranian judging from her looks and accent.

I was there meeting with my neighbours – talk about integration! Last week I had a paper in my postbox from three neighbours who had set up an online community for this neighbourhood and suggested joining. I did and it’s quite fun to see what’s going on in these streets and who lives here. Someone offered help with electricity things and I happen to need a measurement device – he has one and I get to borrow it. Neighbourhood help like in the old days!

My singing seminar, however, was not really that great. The teacher was a Romanian lady who was very strict and no fun and she spent quite some time blowing her own trumpet. She studied music since she was three and had to go through such hard schooling in her home country, something we Germans would never even be able to imagine.

I got to practice a little of what we learned right today – at church. After having tested most of the churches in my part of town, I decided to give the neighbouring quarter a chance, and since the Catholics have not exactly inspired me during my last visits, I went to a Protestant church today. And what a revelation! I was lucky to hear a very thought-through sermon, the songs were nice and at the end, the pastor presented the idea of having a nativity play with senior citizens: “Because we don’t have many kids in this parish right now and I’m sure it can be a great play with adults”. I really liked the mindset of gilla läget (accepting and embracing a given situation).

And now the work week is approaching. It will be a busy one for me, that’s for sure. Seating plans, press work, coordination with VIP offices – fussy but fun!

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