It’s getting closer


Remember how I talked about doing a seating plan? I have not gotten around to it despite working all the time. But that’s okay because it means I still have something to look forward to. Since one of our events got cancelled last minute, I also got a whole extra day to work – som en oväntad gåva. Today, we had project managers for the Gothenburg fair visiting us, they talked a lot about packaging and I can state that I can get fascinated with that. The funniest part was definitely when they asked us in the end if we could take a selfie together, haha. They were not younger than us in case you wondered.

Summery times have arrived in Düsseldorf and while I absolutely love the light and the trees being green (I now understand why the streets are called Birch Street and Linden Street), the typical humid climate down here is driving me crazy. I checked and I am not exaggerating: 88 % air humidity. I can’t sleep, I get a headache and there is nothing one can wear without sweating. Nothing. I still wonder why people chose to settle here but I suppose the climate is beneficial for agriculture or something? Anyway, I have no idea what to wear to the event on Friday and how to keep my makeup from simply running down from my face…?!

Now is the time flowers are on sale, my balcony is bare so I took the opportunity

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