Last Friday Night


Chances are I am going to be a very chilled bride (if I get married). A few more of these work events and nothing will be able to make me lose my cool. Spontaneously adjusting menu schedules, recognizing VIP faces, directing photographers, ameliorating room temperature, promptly knowing the answer to any question from anyone and – especially – enduring heels for hours on end, I should soon be able to do all these things in my sleep.

Today, I even let go of the detail preparations because I just had to take the opportunity to have a meeting with my very busy communications boss and the only time to do that was right before the dinner. It might sound more fun to have a (actually very good) meeting than to walk around checking every single seating arrangement but it took some courage to hand that over to my co-workers. Of course it all worked beautifully. Except maybe the part that my table had 50% cancellations –  which, however, evened out the always-difficult women’s quota at least at my table. Seating arrangements are, as you know by now, something I am rather dedicated to and no one sat with someone coincidently, not even me. I had actually grouped some of my favorites around me and once the minister had arrived, I could relax and even have a glas of wine (and eat ridiculously good food).

When I started this job, I was still rather unfamiliar with the people in the organization but by now, I know exactly who my favorites are, I grow fonder of them every time I see them and new favorites make it on the list all the time. It’s actually a bit like a large class reunion or family gathering. The people I work with and for and who are all over Germany, to finally meet them (again), get to know their significant others and learn that yes, they actually read our magazine – those times might be the best work days.

I could have talked all night, but my co-workers insisted we’d take the last fast train home. And while I didn’t want to leave just then (the official part was over and the hard core of the gang was in a bar with us), it probably was the sensible thing to do. Because in less than nine hours I’ll have to be sitting on a train again, this time north to attend the first large real family reunion I’ll ever go to: My mom has gathered all cousins (first and second degree to me) – that’ll be interesting! And no, I don’t mind escaping the hostess role tomorrow and just being a normal guest.



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