Family and friends


Part of the family reunion was going on a tour of the village and I was introduced to this charming chapel that I’ve driven past 45900 times but never been inside

Last weekend, I got to meet lots of previously to me unknown family – we had the big cousin reunion. I actually started going around and taking notes that I later put together in a family tree. Did you know there is really great freeware for such things? I could hardly stop making genealogies, it’s really fun (maybe only if you’re a historian). Now I know that the names Felix, Philipp and Erik are popular among my kin.

Sunday and Monday I spent at my parents’ place: with my own magazine, my cat and finding out my parents attic staircase is from Skellefteå. Last photo: angels in front of the World War Memorial that also lists my great-grandpa Heinrich.

After a free Monday, I was back at work today where the hours just fly by – is it just me or is time zooming on by?! Today as also the day my dear friend Bianca and her boyfriend Francesco were in town! We did some fragmented hanging out (due to meetings and work on my part) but we did manage to eat lunch together, visit the Japanese temple and see my apartment. And we’ll meet again in only 3 and a half weeks – I have finally booked flights to Stockholm. I hope some day I will learn to book earlier. That will be the day I’ll suddenly have much more money left, too.


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