My heart in the world


It’s like my heart opens and jumps in my chest. That’s the feeling that starts when I look outside the window flying in over Stockholm and see the green and blue beneath the plane and it continues when I stroll through Arlanda with its familiar signs and culminates of course when I make my way to Uppsala and catch sight of the Cathedral because I mean, domkyrkan!

I didn’t sleep last night because my flight was at 6. I had to get up at 4 and went to bed at 2, tossing and turning. The reason for the late night was that my dear friend Michelle (previously based in Barcelona) happened to be in transit in Hamburg which we realized only an hour before I arrived. Of course Ingrid and I had to go see her! To get to hug a friend that you thought were super far away spontaneously is like an unexpected gift.


Ingrid, who was my hostess and greeted me with a lovely welcome package that included photo of the Crown Princess, also used the evening to take notes on what I said because she needs to write a sketch. On the way home at 1:30 a.m. in the streets of Hamburg, we played a Swedish schlager („En jävel på kärlek”) to which Ingrid danced and we coined my new title: skämtinspiratör, joke inspirator.

My first encounter in Sweden was with the Arlanda Tourist Offic because I’ve lost track of all the transport alternatives to Uppsala. I had the nicest girl helping me – she helped me downloaad the local bus app, offered to have the confirmation code sent to her phone when mine didn’t work and once I had put in my credit card details, it showed that I miracously had ten euros left that I must have paid to the bus company several years ago and that they had not erased. So awesome – I basically got to take the bus for free that way. Which was good because it turned out something is wrong with my Swedish card which I have to sort out tomorrow (such fun…).

Anyway, I was so pleased with the tourist girl, I used my waiting time to write an email to the tourist office thanking for the good service. Since I worked in the same position, I know that these emails get printed and are given to the person named. Why not make sure you appreciated someone’s help?

When I arrived in Uppsala, I met with Tabea and Christian where I was fed (with banana shakes, chocolate cake and bulgur) and informed about latest news. Of course we also took a walk down Memory Lane through this wonderful town, with me asking, „Is this new? Was this here before?“ Turns out Åhléns completely renewed their facade. Now you know that!



Visiting “my” church in Uppsala


Fika with Bianca


Bianca’s staircase


Bianca’s view


My temporary home

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