Stockholm is not only the inner city

0112 (2)

Here’s the thing about blogging: if I don’t do it right away, discipline cracks as exhibited this week. But now I’m back in humid Dizzel where the trams only go every 153 minutes (or so it feels) and I shall report.

The second half of my Stockholm week was just as delightful as the first. On Wednesday, I met Linus for lunch and got to see his (and my friend Nicola’s) workplace: nothing less than the German radio and TV’s correspondents’ studio. So cool! I am an excessive listener of NDRinfo, one of the channels they produce things for and it was such fun to meet the journalist who does all the reports! We chatted for quite a while and I was shown around everywhere. The media junkie I am, I loved it!

While Linus and Nicola worked in the afternoon to make sure German viewers/listeners are informed about what’s happening up north, I set out to promote Swedish economic development. You know, someone just has to do it so I sacrified myself, like everytime I set foot on Swedish soil. Because shopping is so exhausting, I divided the job into three tours, the first with Bianca, the second alone and the third with Magdalena in Vällingby. She takes the prize for best comments during a shopping spree (looking into the mirror, she exclaimed, “I really like my butt”, going through the racks, she stated, “There is no such thing as a bad size” and when I put on a dress, she said, “Everything looks better when you wear it”). It might be a coincidence that I have always been going to Stockholm the first week of July the past years,  when it is always rea, summer sale. I bought quite a lot and one third of all I bought is striped. .

In the evening, we watched France defeat Germany. Our only French friend was the only one who was happy, I guess. Oh, well.

On my last day, I got to see my friend Martina’s new apartment (so pretty!) and meet her new boyfriend (so nice!). Hanging out on their lovely balcony in the brilliant sunshine in the middle of Kungsholmen – my idea of perfect. Perfect was only increased by Farsta’s nature that I got to see in the evening when I visited my friend Marita. She also has a new apartment. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing wrong: all my friends live in these super fancy places now and I don’t even own a wardrobe? (But many dresses.)

030 (2)029 (2)

028 (2)

At the book store, they inform customers that the books on this shelf demand more of the reader than the normal ones. Nanny state?

004 (2)

Not sure but I thought Pride wasn’t until August? Nevermind, it still looks great!

005 (2)

Marita and I took a walk by the water in Farsta while the sun was starting to slowly set – which is significantly later than in Dizzle, actually it never really sets. After I already discovered Vällingby with Magda, I now got to know Farsta better: Stockholm är inte bara city, Stockholm is more than the inner city, you know. I could elaborate on the whole urban planning concept of ABC-towns but then what would ArkDes’ job be? Farsta offered wonderful views, some mosquitos and an elegant swan who just came by in the right moment to be photographed.

018 (2)019 (2)016 (2)010 (2)008 (2)

I really made use of my SL card, too, because I travelled the entire green line on Friday night. It might be the longest possible ride to go from Farsta strand to Råcksta and at 6 a.m. I already left the house again to make my way to the airport. It’s never easy to leave Stockholm and I think I’ll have to increase the frequency of my travels there again (it’s been 6 months this time!). Also for the light, for the shopping, for the familiar spots and streets – but mostly, most of all, for you. You know who you are!

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