The first year

017 (2)

Can you believe it? Because I can’t. It has been exactly one year today since I came to Dizzel and started my new job. A whole year! A year in which I got to know many interesting people, developed a compulsion for checking my work email at night and advanced my professional skills. I also had roughly 250 laughing fits with my colleague and appealed about 73 times to my superiors to please stop using the old CI. I’ve worked approximately 51 overtime hours (that I am still taking out) and enjoyed myself 88 % of the time at work. That’s a pretty good first year, I’d say.

You got to make hay while the sun shines – that’s what always I say when I find a reason to celebrate. Of course our one-year-jubilee was a reason (my co-worker started the same day). So I baked a dalahäst (Swedish Dalecarlian horse) and ordered an edible icing image of my coworker and me. I even wrote “1 year in the Chamber” on it but unfortunately it looked like seven years instead. Oh well, it was tasty nonetheless and it was quite a new thing to eat oneself!

not an untypical behind the scenes photo (I must admit) of when my coworker kindly helps me arrange settings for good instagram photos – she’s really good at it!

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