The Fatigue Week


025 (2)

The Swedish colors fluttered for our dear Crown Princess

Other bloggers report from their glamorous party weekends (I think, I wouldn’t even know since I barely read them) and I always communicate a work week summary instead. What does that say about me?

This week has been characterized by almost unbearable sleep deficit, reduced staff at the office and an emotional state that was lenaphilipssonesque. But it’s also been a week that included Ingrid, a great work event and has an upcoming visit from my little girl cousins!

Ingrid was here! Less than 24 hours but still. She arrived shortly before midnight with nothing but her tiny handbag. She knows I’ll have everything else for her, including a night gown that she already knows, “I want to purple one again, please”.

013 (2)

It was the first time she saw my Dizzel place and she agreed that I need art above my sofa

This week was also the Crown Princess’ Birthday which was a perfect excuse to host an after work event for our young professionals. We wooed them with prinsesstårta, Princess cake, which worked very, very well – we were like four times as many people as usual. I named our intern Princess After Work Project Manager and he even flew the flag – you can imagine how pleased I was. Another thing that goes on his merit list (yeah, he reads this) is that he went to buy me yoghurt today and introduced me to Icelandic Skyr (instead of yoghurt) –  delicious! It seems to be a mix of German Quark and normal yoghurt. Also, anything Icelandic feels right these days, doesn’t it? Huh! 9aawufqvvf6ga



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