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If you can put the headline and this gif together: grattis!

On my maternal side of the family, I have 13 (soon 14) cousins of which only three are girls. Maybe that is why we have started taking “girl cousin photos” when we meet and commenced a tradition of “girl cousin weekends” which means my female cousins, aged 24, 13 and 10 come to my city. This weekend, the two younger ones made their way to Dizzel and we had quite some fun because they are really hilarious at times. Like when they inspected my new apartment and delivered a positive judgement: “The toilet is much better than at your Hamburg apartment. I really like the toilet”.

Or when we go all girly sleepover and do real girl talk: The 10-year-old tells us about her six ex-boyfriends (“Why do you have boyfriends in kindergarten?” “To show off, of course!) and my godchild, the 13-year-old, recounts the story of how her brother signed them up on an online dating site as “25-year-old successful physician”. To be a fully qualified physician at 25 is already quite a success if you ask me. My cousin did not really consider it too strange that they made him 25 either “because with our ages combined, my brother and I were 25, too!”

Of course we also discovered Dizzel, in a really tourist way – we took the hop on hop off bus! Now I know even more about Dizzel, like that the Hofgarten was the first public park in Germany. Det ni. We only hopped off once, at the Japanese Garden and Temple. “This is like Kung Fu Panda!”, the girls exclaimed and I guess that is a good thing. 

We also went to Primark (they really wanted to), watched “Arielle” (today’s kids don’t know the Disney movies!), went to church and cooked. Occasionally, my godchild uttered her interest in the Swedish language. “I actually understood what you posted on instagram”, she informed me and asked me to give her orders in Swedish in the kitchen while chopping carrots. After lunch, we three were staring into the Duolingo app: My godchild enthusiastically translating “Han äter ett äpple” and my other cousin training her English, “so that I can read your blog!” Awwwwww.


please don’t lose your head while on the hop on hop off bus / sleep over fun

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