A weekend to your heart’s delight


Many a moon ago, I bought a postcard from a book store at Mariatorget which said, “You never know before if it will have been worth to go out”. I had it on my door for a while, pep talking me to go out when I didn’t feel like it. It’s a really good motto!

Yesterday, I was actually motivated to go to the 30th birthday party I was invited to but once I got going, I noticed it was close to impossible to transport the cake and the dessert I’d made on my bike. I made it as close as one kilometer from the venue before the dessert fell and two friends had to come help me carry. Imagine my mood when I arrived with raspberry-cream-sugar-sticky hands and a ruined dessert! But it was quickly ameliorated when I got to sit with a bunch of fun people who later under favor of night introduced me to Pokemon Go in the allotment gardens (I nagged that I wanted to see how it works and we caught two Pokemon!). There was an unsual and unexpected density of Iranians and half-Iranians at the party and we danced the night away until the music was silenced. One indicator of a good night is when I don’t have a single photo of it. (The above picture was from before I got there, obviously.) Famous German poet and philosopher Jan Delay once said, “If you haven’t been out in a while, your inside can turn colder than Stalingrad” – true, and let me tell you the hangover is real…

This whole weekend has been what these two free days were made for: doing what one wants instead of being the slave of one’s to do list. It’s Sunday afternoon and I haven’t even started cleaning! Instead, I’ve had hour-long phone conversations with friends and tonight I’ll see “Spotlight” at the open air cinema. I better start tidying up the kitchen.


Det bjöds även på en imponerande ljusshow


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